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We offer five Stock Boot Models. They are all made with the same quality materials and craftsmanship as our custom boots. From the most supportive Finalist Model to the soft flexible comfort of the Classic model, you will find a boot that meets your personal skating needs. Stock boots are not custom fitted and come with the special stock options shown on the stock options list.

Please note all Stock Boots come with the following features:

  • White or Black Elk tanned Outer Leather
  • Clarino Linings
  • All leather soles and heels
  • Tempered steel arch shank
  • No sole finish
  • Solid brass hooks
  • Imported European Rubber lined tongues
  • Specially treated hard leather counters
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Finalist Model

The Finalist Model is our strongest, most supportive stock boot. It has three piece construction; Double Duo Bond Reinforced ankle support; Smooth Clarino Lining; Achilles Tendon Pads; Ankle Hugger Padding and a Rolled Top Lining Edge. Pro's Preference - Ice/Advanced Freestyle. Roller/Advanced Figures.

High Tester (white)/ Gold Tester (black)

The Tester Models are strong stock boots. They have Three Piece Construction; Duo Bond Reinforced Ankle Support; Smooth Clarino Lining; Achilles Tendon Pads; Ankle Hugger Padding and a Rolled Top Lining Edge. Pro's Preference - Ice/Freestyle. Roller/Figures or Loops.

Competitor Plus

The Competitor Plus is our newest member of the Harlick line of Stock Boots. It has all the same great features as the Competitor Model but we have added Duo Bond Reinforced Ankle Support and Rolled Top Lining Edge for added comfort. You get more support but keep the light weight of the Competitor. Perfect for those who are not quite ready for the High Tester Pro's Preference - Ice/Figures, Free Style and Synchronized Skating. Roller/Loops, Figures and aggressive freestyle Skaters.

Competitor Model

The Competitor Model is a medium strength boot. It has two Piece Construction; Smooth Clarino Linings; Ankle Hugger Padding; Reinforced Ankle Support. Pro's Preference - Ice/Figures, Dance, Adult Beginner. Roller/Freestyle, Dance or Loops.

The Classic Model

The Classic Model is our softest, most flexible boot. It has Two Piece Construction; Smooth Clarino Linings; Achilles Tendon Pads. Pro's Preference - Ice/Jr. Beginner Freestyle, Dance. Roller/Freestyle, Dance.

Now that you have selected a stock boot, see if there are any special stock options that you would like to add.

See our Quality Is Built In list.

Production Time: Normal production time for stock boots 6 - 8 weeks (Expedite production 4 - 6 weeks) Production time may vary throughout the year. For exact times, please inquire when ordering the boots.

Deposit: A minimum deposit is required for all stock boot orders. Deposits are NOT refundable once production of boots has begun.

Blades: MK, Wilson, Ultima, and ISE blades may be ordered from Harlick. If boots and blades are ordered together from Harlick, there is no additional charge for blade mounting. If boots and blades are not ordered together from Harlick, there is a extra charge for blade mounting. If there is a specific blade size to be used with the boots, please specify when ordering the boots.

Sizing: Junior sizes are all sizes 3 1/2 and smaller. Regular sizes are size 4 and larger.

Dealer prices may vary. Additional charges may apply for fitting costs, shipping and handling, import fees etc.