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"A La Carte" Options & Pricing

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To order the boot "A la Carte", choose the specific options to be added to the base price.


  • Deluxe Lining w/ Tendon, Achilles, & Ankle Pads
  • Heel Hugger Padding

Boot Leather & Special Designs

  • White, Black, or Holiday Tan Elk Leather N/C
  • Calf or Suede Leather (Call for color samples)
  • Leopard or Zebra Print Calf Leather
  • Special Artistic Leather Design
  • Asymmetrical Lace Opening
  • Dance Backstay

Ankle Reinforcement

  • Quadra Bond (Extra Extra Strong)
  • Double Duo Bond (Extra Strong & Strong)
  • Duo Bond (Strong & Medium-Plus)
  • No Additional Reinforcement (Med. & Soft)
  • Two Layer Construction - Lighter and softer Construction
  • Three Layer Construction - Stronger Construction


  • Rubber Sponge Tongues
  • Lambs Wool Tongues
  • Double Rubber Sponge Tongues
  • Lambs Wool and Rubber Sponge (50/50) Tongues
  • Leather or Clarino Covered Tongues
  • Wider Tongues
  • Hooks or Holes on Tongues (To prevent tongue twisting)

Boot Lining

  • Deluxe Smooth Leather Lining
  • Pig Suede Lining
  • Clarino Lining - Synthetic material used to prevent cracking
  • Lambs Wool Lining
  • Rolled Top Lining Edges

Sole Finish

  • Natural Soles w/ Wax Sole Finish - Recommended for Ice
  • Natural Soles w/ Varnish Sole Finish - Recommended for Roller
  • Natural Soles w/ No Sole Finish
  • Black Sole Finish - Normal Finish on Black Boots
  • Standard Sole Finish - Dark Brown Sides/Stained Bottoms
  • Waterproof - Applied to Boots w/ Standard Sole Finish


  • Wedge Scallop/Flex Notch
  • Single Loop Scallop
  • Double Loop Scallop

Special Insole & Sock Liners

  • Growth Insoles
  • Poron Insoles
  • Lambs Wool Insoles
  • Double Insoles
  • Heel Lift
  • Extra Sock Liners
  • Heated Insoles

Arch Support & Pronation Correction

  • Foot Impression Kit
  • Cast Poured from Foot Impression Kit
  • Orthopedic Arch Support
  • Inside Wedge Correction
  • Outside Wedge Correction
  • Allowance for Dr. Orthotic in Boots (Ortho Build-up)

Additional Options

  • Special Height Heels
  • Lunge Pads
  • Name Stamped in Soles
  • Orthopedic Ankle Pocketing
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Artistic Designs View Samples (pdf/24mb)
Printable Price List

Production Time: Allow approximately 8-12 weeks for all custom boot orders. Harlick offers an expedite service for all custom boot orders—approximately 5-6 weeks—for a charge of $50. Production time may vary throughout the year. For exact times, please inquire when ordering the boots.

Deposit: A minimum deposit required for all custom boot orders. Deposits are NOT refundable once production of boots has begun.

Blades: MK, Wilson, Ultima, and ISE blades may be ordered from Harlick. If boots and blades are ordered together from Harlick, there is no additional charge for blade mounting. If boots and blades are not ordered together from Harlick, there is an additional charge for blade mounting. If there is a specific blade size to be used with the boots, please specify when ordering the boots.

Sizing: Junior sizes are all sizes 3 1/2 and smaller. Regular sizes are size 4 and larger.

Dealer prices may vary. Additional charges may be add for fitting costs, shipping and handling, import fees etc.