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Hybrid Carbon Graphite

A high tech solution from a classic company. A hybrid composite of carbon graphite and leather soles.

Hybrid Carbon Graphite Boot

Advantages of Carbon Graphite

  • Lighter Boots, one of the lightest boots available.
  • Soles are stitched to the upper, not glued. Creating a stronger bond to the upper portion.
  • No steel shank needed. This makes for a lighter boot.
  • The Carbon Graphite creates a rigid sole--no more sole twisting which prevents broken or bent blades.
  • Waterproof sole bottom. Water can not penetrate the Carbon Graphite.
  • Carbon Graphite soles prevents Blades from sinking into the soles.
  • Lighter soles allow us to use leather uppers and leather ankle reinforcement. No plastic! This allows for more natural break-in.

Available in both stock and custom options!

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