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27. Diane Schatz Now doing a fine job as a coach.

28. Phyllis Legg Ice Follies 1950. Featured in "Music Shop"

29. Harris Legg Ice Follies 1946. The girls must really trust him.

30. Arlayne ? Could not make out the signature very well. Dated 1950.

31. Betty Schalow Ice Follies 1946.

32. Dick Rasmusson & Bill Cameron Ice Follies 1950. Featured in "The Bowery".

33. ThomasTwins, Mary & Jane Ice Follies 1942.

34. Thomas Twins, Mary & Jane Another from Ice Follies, 1946.

35. Pyne Twins, Barbara & Sandra. Ice Capades, 1956.

We just heard from Barbara and she gives this short update of what she is up to now. She said, this was like seeing a ghost!

At present, my sister lives in Southern California and has 2 grown children. I'm in Ormond Beach, Florida (A suburb of Daytona Beach) where I have a company which manufacturers and distributes liquid thermoplastics. Since I no longer skate or golf, I've taken up tap and jazz for exercise and dance in an annual Senior show where I'm noted for campaigning for shorter costumes -- much to the horror of some of the other seniors! I'm married with 3 grown children and 3 "babies" here at home. They are Shana, Sabi Baby (Cock-a-Poos) and Si Si (a silver Shih- Tzu). We're convinced Si Si is a reincarnated circus performer as she sits up and dances (which we've never taught her). To suggest they are spoiled would be the understatement of the year, but they do have their own personally autographed photo of Gunther Gebel Williams.

She also says that, Only my mother still calls me "Barbara", who just celebrated her 91st birthday. She is now known by all her friends as "Silky Silver" or just plain "Silky".

Great to hear from you Silky. Thanks for the update.

Now here is an update from Sandy.
You can't imagine how surprised I was to see our picture from another lifetime.  My family consists of my husband, Jim, our son, Guy, our daughter, Mitzi, and our spoiled rotten Pomeranian puppy, Misty. 

 To bring you up to date, I finally obtained my BA degree in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude.  After being employed as the Vice President of a global corporation for 7-1/2 years, I took an early retirement a few years ago. I no longer skate but still have my Harlick buck boots.

Some of the wonderful opportunities I've been fortunate enough to include playing in the LA Open Pro-Am at the Riviera Country CC with the PGA fellows.  Although we didn't win, it was a great experience.  However, our team did take first place in the seniors Vantage Classic!  I

As I no longer skate, I learned how to ride a motorcycle and was featured in the TV spots for Motorcycle Safety Foundation at the Hollywood Bowl.  I didn't tell them I had to go to every DMV in Los Angeles to pass the riding test!  It's a miracle I never got a ticket when racing through the Malibu canyons on my bright red Yamaha Virago.

36. The Scotvold Twins, Joann & Joyce. Ice Follies, 1950. Featured in "Dairyville, U. S. A."

37. Jeanne & Art Rhodes Part of the Morgan Trio.

38. Irene Dare ? Not too sure of the signature or spelling. Thanks to Roy Blakey, a member of the Figure Skating Historical Society, we now know that Irene Dare - appeared as a child skating star in several late 1930's theatrical films including "Breaking The Ice", "Everything's On Ice", and "Hans Brinker." (I've never seen any photos of her as an adult and have wondered what became of her - this proves she continued skating.)

39. Jimmy Waldo Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies, 1957.
Photo description: WHAT'S COOKING. Jim Waldo of Duluth is the surprise sensation of "Candy Stick Land". Huge colorful juvenile sequence in the 1957 edition of Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies. Jim is a dancy chef and makes his skating hot and fast.

40. Gayle Winters

41. Maxi Baier Not too sure of the name.
Thanks to Roy Blakey, a member of the Figure Skating Historical Society, we now know that, Maxi (Herber) Baier is half of the German pair team Herber and Baier. Olympic champions 1936, World champions '36, '37, '38, and '39. The Baiers produced and starred in their own "Eis Ballett" productions in Europe in the 1950's. This photo is from one which I believe was titled 'Circus Luft." Photo dated 1954. A circus number of some kind.

42. Hazel Franklin Ice Follies 1949. Featured in "Aladdin's Lamp"

I was delighted to learn from my daughter that you had old ice skating photographs on the web. I was even more delighted to see a couple of photographs there of my sister, Hazel Franklin. Both photographs were taken at Ice Follies, where she was the "little English skating star" for many years, although she also performed for Capades and Holiday on Ice.

She came to the U.S. from England with my brother, Michael, (also deceased) and me after the outbreak of WW II in 1939. As a pre-teen, she was an amateur star in England, coached initially by Howard Nicholson, who also coached Sonja Henie. He said many times in print that the better skater was Hazel, who he was aiming for the 1940 Olympics. Of course, the war ended that idea.

When we arrived in the states in the fall of 1939, Hazel performed a number of exhibitions in support of the British war effort but quickly turned professional at the age of 12 or 13. She skated in a number of NYC hotels (popular in those days), including the Biltmore. I still remember the tiny rectangle of ice on which she performed in a nightclub setting, with tables all around the ice "box." It was terribly smokey, too.

Hazel was featured in the 2nd anniversary edition of LIFE magazine (just now I can't put my finger on my only copy for the date) as Henie's rival. She also was the first to be televised skating on the rink at Rockefeller Center. I think this must have been 1939. And through the use of an electronic timing device, she was declared to have the fastest crossfoot spin in the world. (This was after she turned pro.) I wish I had the details on this so I could compare her performance to current skaters.

In any event, Hazel joined Ice Follies in the early to mid-1940s as a featured performer, then went on to the other shows. In the early 1950s she was touring Europe. The LeDucs were with the European show, as well, as I recall.
Hazel is dead now. She died in a suburb of Los Angeles April 5, 1989. For a number of years she was married to Walter Hadlich, who was in the front office management of several shows. He died a year or two before she did.
Unfortunately, the many, many photographs and clippings of Hazel's career were lost in a fire or destroyed inadvertently, so it was nice to see someone was preserving a couple of pictures of her.

Thanks for the memories...not only of Hazel, but of some of the other performers I came to know at the time of Hazel's career, ....the Scotvold twins, Ginny Baxter, the Maxsons, Betty Schalow, the Leggs, the LeDucs and so forth.

Peter D. Franklin

43. "Willie" Photo signed only as, Affectionately, "Willie".

44. Max & Lou ? It says "The Red Boots are Beauts. Lou looks very young. Last Name partially torn away. Thanks to Roy Blakey, a member of the Figure Skating Historical Society, That this is, The Maxwells, photo by Maurice Seymour, Chicago. An Australian novely comedy act that worked in many stage shows as well as Ice Capades, Holiday on Ice, the Chicago Stevens Hotel ice show, etc.

45. Frannie Pappas Holiday On Ice, 1955. Is this also to first girl on the left in Volume 1, #8, Precision skaters?

46. Anna-Marie Rigalia

47. ??? Don't know who this is. She signed the picture but did not put her name.
Is it someone in one of the previous pictures.

Just heard from Doris Penndorf. This is Evelyn Chandler. Here is some info from Doris.

I know that face, she is in the same pose and dress in the Ice Follies of 1947 at Boston Garden, February 18 thru March 2, 1947. "After more than a decade and a half at the peak of her profession, Evelyn Chandler is still the world's greatest acrobatic skater, and is again assigned top solo position, in the Ice Follies of 1947. Born in Brooklyn, she became a "tomboy", back lots skater, won the Junior Middle Atlantic championship in 1921, barnstormed professionally and then joined Ice Follies in 1938."

48. Phyllis & Harris Legg One more of the "Great Legg's". This time together.In the foreground is a big cat. That is my sister, Hazel Franklin, who in that costume skated and performed live "Kitten on the Keys" on the piano. She was an accomplished pianist. Thanks to Peter Franklin for the input. Ice Follies, 1950. Featured in "Music Shop".

49. Ole Ericsen & John Mulvey with Ed Dunigan File Size 48k

Ole & John are in the suit and Ed is sampling the sauce.

Featured in "Wistful Fritzie", Ice Follies, 1950.

50. Jim & Judy Sladky File Size 25k

Photo description: National Dance Skating Champions, Judy Schwomeyer of Indianapolis and Jim Sladky of Syracuse, New York, are now members of Ice Follies for 1973. The young couples rendition of dancing on skates is one of the most beautiful of all skating routines. They joined Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies this past summer and will present specially designed routines.

51. Hazel Franklin File Size 31k

Featured in "The Bowery" Ice Follies of 1950.

52. June Week at West Point. File Size 63k

Ice Follies of 1950, June Week at West Point, the Swing Waltz.

53.Helen Uhl ? This photo is dated 1946. Not sure on last name.

54. Catherine Machado Ice Capades.

55. Joan Kurzenberger ? Not sure on last name spelling. What Rink? When?

56. Molly McNerney Thanks to Lesley Goodwin Bissett (Ice Follies 1958 - 1961), long time partner to Richard Dwyer, we have identified Molly ?, as Molly McNerney. Thanks Lesley.
Ice Follies of 1961, and was line captain of HOI International. Holiday on Ice International, (Mexico, Central and South America) 1962 - 1965

We made Molly a new pair of boots a few years ago and this is what she had to say
"I would like to give you another special "Thank You" for the wonder boots you made me about 3 years ago.  They are sooooo comfortable.  The old 30 year old ones just didn't cut the mustard when I was able to return to this wonderful sport.  I skate in Medford Oregon's The RRRink, during the winter at Ashland, OR.'s outdoor rink, and often go to visit Sparky's rink in Santa Rosa. Skippy Baxter is still in Santa Rosa and is the only one who sharpens my blades".

Here is another update on Molly.

Sir, Volume 2, picture 56 is Molly McNerney MacGowan (married name), she resides in Northern California and is a deputy sheriff/jailer at the Siskiyou County Jail for last 20 years. She still skates regularly and hasn't lost her
shape. She has two grandchildren who live nearby. Frank Moran

57. Lee Musick Photo dated 1970. What Rink? Blair Koch has sent us the following information. Lee Musick (#57). The picture was taken at Squaw Valley, before the Olympic Rink was torn down for commercial purposes.

58. The Dr. Mittun Family Kristin, Allana, Carol and Dr. Mittun of Seattle, Washington. Photo taken at Sun Valley, Idaho. Vance Kirklin who teaches in Eugene Oregon wrote and corrected the spelling of the last name and confirmed that they were a very prominent skating family in the Seattle area in the 50,s and 60,s.

More to come as time permits.
Let us know if you enjoy this bit of photographic history.

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