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59. Ruby and Bobby Maxson Ice Follies, 1944.

60. Hisashi (Sashi) Kuchiki 23rd "GO" Edition - Everything's GO! Ice Capades. The first Japanese skating star in the Western Ice show world, Hisashi Kuchiki, youthful champion of both Tokyo and Japan, will be in a starring role when the Greatest Show on Ice, the @3rd "GO" Edition of Ice Capades opens.

61. Jimmy Crockett I heard from Jimmy September of 1997 and he gave me the following update. "I will always remember the special attention Mr. Henderson paid to me and every person who came into Harlick for a fitting. I think my file goes back to around 1959 or 60". To bring his bio up to date.. He skated (He is to humble. He STARED) with Holiday on Ice for 21 years all over the world and then continued with stage shows ...skating, choreography and directing for another 9 years. A 30 year career! He and his wife Marie, are now coaches ..passing on their knowledge to the future. They are in Greenville SC ..He is also the director for the skate school and has been coaching for 5 years....and...They are still wearing Harlick's. Let me also add that he won The 1975 World Professional Championships in Jaca, Spain. Thanks Jimmy for the update and we are happy that you are still skating strong.

62. Jill Shipstad

63. Jackie Davis ice Follies 1976. Talented young skater - Jackie Davis is one of the tallest members of the Ice Follies cast. His unusually fluid style of jumps and spins will be seen when the 40th Anniversary edition of Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies comes to your town.

64. Harris Legg Ice Follies 1950. Featured in "Hearts Are Trump".

65. Nancy ? & Leonardo ? Ice Follies 1976.

Thank you to Pam Pryshepa Ronan for this update.
If you haven't already discovered, your photo #65 in Volume 3 is of Nancy Talavera and Leandre Periquet (?).  Nancy and Leandre skated adagio pairs and were in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60s and 70s.  They also skated in Germany, Las Vegas and a variety of shows in the US.  I still have a ginger jar that Nancy gave my mom as a thank you for some wardrobe work.

66. Marshall Beard Sonja Hennie Ice Review, 1953.

67. Donald Jackson World Champion and Ice Follies, 1965.

68. Gerty Desjardins & Guy Revell Ice Capades, 1964. Sorry a bit faded.

69. The Williams Family Holiday on Ice, 1964.

Received an e-mail from Debbie William
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 09:10:10 -0700

Hi husband just found this on the net...I never get on the
computer, so this is a rarity for me to be sending an E-mail. I'm Debbie
Williams of the Williams Family Holiday On Ice 55-63 and Follies 64-68. Saw
alot of you at the reunion last summer and it was like going to a family
reunion. Speaking of family, my son Taylor is 13 and an avid roller
blader, somewhat a form of skating but very crude...he loves it though. My
daughter, Dylan Rose is 3 and is a non-stop perpetual motion machine. My
mom says that she reminds her of for those of you who can remember
what a calm, shy, delicate, introverted child I can relate. Ha,
ha. Robbie or Rob, as he is known now is turning 43 in 2 days. He lives in
San Jose with his wife Karen and their two sons, Ryan and Kyle. Rob works in
the computer business for Hewlett Packard and has nothing to do with show
business. He got the brains in the family. Mom and Dad are now living in
Las Vegas and are semi retired but keep extremely busy. They're still
Gypsy's at heart and I suppose they'll pick up and move again sometime soon.
We live in Manhattan Beach California and both Steve and I work in the
television industry. I still do just about every live television special
on television and have just completed E.R LIVE, the first episode of the
season. I don't want to make anyone feel old but I will be 45 in January.
But like my mom, we hide our age well. I'm not sure who this is going to
but Hi to Bonnie and all the people at Harlick who made those beautiful
boots that formed my feet from the age of 2 to 23. I'm sure you're all as
busy as ever and hope your all doing well.

70. Ricky Inglesi Ricky is missed.

71. Richard Garrett Ice Capades International, 1965. Dark, handsome Richard Garrett displays his superb skating form in a solo number "In a Spanish Mood" and is featured in the production "Viva Italia". The all new 1965 edition of Ice Capades has 20 great acts and six magnificent production numbers.

72. The Denton Twins Ice Follies, 1965. Beautiful look-alikes, Vicky and Judy? the Denton Twins, are featured skaters in the "Parasol Promenade" production number inn the all new Ice Follies of 1965, coming to Winterland beginning June16.

73. Jimmy Grogan and J. D. Says he's "Happy in Harlick's for 23 years". Squaw Valley, Leslie Garrett thinks this is about 1971. She was a childhood friend of young J. D. shown in the photo with his father. Photo by Fred Lindholm.

74. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding 1989 United States Professional Pairs Champions. 1990 World Professional Pairs Silver Medallist.

75. Martin Minshull 35k Five times British Men's Professional Champion, and three times Professional World Ice Skating Champion, Martin is the most daring and dynamic skater Great Britain has ever produced. An ice show star since he was 16 he returns to thrill audiences with his versatility in the completely new edition of Morris Chalfen's great ice spectacular, "Holiday on Ice".

76. Dorothyann Nelson Ice Follies, 1965. "Donegal's Darlin'" Dorothyann Nelson is the featured performer in an Irish "Policemen's and Firemen's Ball" in the all-new Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1966.

77. Diane Morris

78. Rosemary Sullivan

79. Shirly Winter Ice Capades.
My wife is somewhat slow in blowing her own horn so I sometimes do it for her.  Here is some information to go along with her picture:
Shirley Winter:  Western Canada Junior Champion.  Principle Skater with Ice Capades 1948 - 1955.  Principal Skater Holiday on Ice 1955 - 1957. Stared with Stars on Ice 1958 - 1960.   Instructor - Los Angeles Area 1960 - 1980.  Now makes her (our) home in Pebble Beach, CA.  Skates regularly in San Jose, CA and spends a lot of time trying to get an ice rink built on the Monterey Peninsula. If you have any suggestions on how to get local politicians to appreciate the need for a sport like ice skating, Shirley would appreciate suggestions. Oh...somewhere along the way she acquired a husband (me), a son (Mark) and a grandson (Roan).

80. Ila Ray & Ray Jr. Hadley 1957 Pacific Coast Jr. Pair Champions, 1957 United States Jr. Pair Champions and 1958 Pacific Coast Sr. Pair Champions. Here is some added information from Julia E. Linthicum an amateur skating historian.

  • 1960 Bronze in US Senior Pairs
    1960 11th place - Squaw Valley Olympics.
  • 1961 2nd - US Senior Pairs
  • Sadly they were killed on the 1961 plane crash in Brussels carrying the entire US team.

81. Cynthia and Ronald Kauffman January 22, 1957. Here is some added information from Julia E. Linthicum an amateur skating historian.

Another pairs team I recognized from my reading. Cynthia and Ronald Kauffman were US pairs champions from 1966-69. They also won three World bronzes for three years running from 1967-69. They competed at two Olympics. Their best placement was sixth place.

82. Nick Maricich Walt Disney World on Ice, Richmond, VA, 1981. Dashing and daring Zorro, brought to life by stunt skater Nick Maricich, is a featured performer in the all-new Disney's World On Ice.

83. Richard Dwyer Mr. Debonair. Need we say more ?

84. Jay Barton

85. Kevin Maloney West Company tour of Ice Capades circa 1974-75

86. David Comb Ice Follies, 1977.

87. Cathy Mishkin & Don Bonacci ? Ice Follies and Holliday on Ice during the 70's. I.D. thanks to Mary Jo Shields Lefebvre.

88. Phyllis Legg Ice Follies, 1944. "Candyland".

89. Steve Baxter 1977

90. Almut Lehman & Herbert Weisenger From Europe, 1984. Walt Disney's Great Ice Odyssey. ID thanks to Mary Jo Shields Lefebvre and another un-named source, annedeg.

91. Rick Inglesi Europe, 1977.

92. Martin Minshull Holiday on Ice. See # 75.

93. Skippy Baxter, Charles Tickner & ? Santa Rosa, California.


More to come as time permits.
Let us know if you enjoy this bit of photographic history.

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