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94. Hi!  I'm Jo Ann Schneider Farris, from the Schneider Family.  (In the ice skating world, we were always known as the Three Schneiders: Jo Ann, Billy, and Lynnellen.) We grew up in southern California, and our first competitive coach, Doug Chapman, insisted on Harlick boots starting in 1965.  Not only did he insist on Harlick boots, but he insisted that only Mr. Henderson fit us personally.  So, although we lived in southern California, we drove to San Francisco every time we needed new boots.  I remember going up an old elevator in your building in San Francisco!
Schneider Family Photo Page

My brother Billy Schneider 1 and Picture 2 is the most well know skater in our family. Billy was the youngest skater in the US National Championships in 1970; here are some photos him skating in that Nationals (of course he's wearing Harlicks!) Billy went on to compete in Nationals year after year.  In 1973, he was the US Junior Men's Bronze Medallist.  He continued to compete, winning Midwestern Senior Men in the late 70s, and began coaching skating in 1980. Since then, he has trained numerous National Champions and is a Master Rated Coach with the Professional Skaters Association.

95. I'm the next skating Schneider (Jo Ann Schneider) that was also a National Competitor.  With my partner, Richard Griffin, I became the Silver Medallist in Junior Dance in 1975.  (By the way, Richard only wears Harlicks too!) After competing in Senior Dance in 1976 and 1977, I took a few years off from skating, and began coaching in 1983.  I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and coach both ice and in-line skating.  In fact, I have Pic Frame skates mounted on my most recent pair of custom Harlicks, and I'm the author of a new book: HOW TO JUMP AND SPIN ON IN-LINE SKATES. Here's a photo of me at about age 15 or 16 (around 1971) in Harlicks:

96. Then, there was my sister Lynnellen Schneider.  Lynnellen was one of the most outstanding skaters in figures in the southern California area in the 1960s and early 1970s.  Here's Lynnellen at age 10 (around 1968) (wearing Harlicks of course!)

97. Jo Ann Schneider Farris and Rich Griffin. Since I sent you a message about the Three Schneiders, I made an additional web page on me and my partner Richard Griffin.  Here is a photo of us when we won the Silver Medal in Junior Dance at Nationals in 1975

My parents also insisted on Harlicks for themselves.  My dad, Dr. Arthur Schneider, now a USFSA Judge in the Chicago area, wears nothing but Harlicks, and my mom, Edith Schneider owns a pair too.

98. Ken Johnson Ken Johnson, from a ranch in Sonoma Valley, California, to the excitement of a career on ice, this dazzling, young ice dancer makes his professional debut in his interpretation of "Coming Home" when Holiday on Ice open. Holiday On Ice 1976 - 1977.

99. Unknown ??? What a fabulous website you have! I enjoyed your photo gallery, and have some information for you regarding photo  gallery volume 4, photograph 99. The photo is of Mark Montaigne and Alison Blake from Ice Capades"Magic Time", in 1976 as they appeared in the "Romance" number from the opening of "Magic Time" My name is Michael Fowler and I was in the corps de ballet from that production. Mark and Alison also appeared in the second act of that production in a number entitled "Chopin Fantasy" Their number was "Fantasy Impromptu" Keep up your great work!!
Thank you Michael.

100. Tracy Prussack Currently coaching in the San Francisco Bay area.

101. Scott Prussack Tracy's brother.

102. Peggy Fleming Jenkins William Morris Agency Photo dated 7-18-78.

103. Linda Fratianne Photo dated 1982.

104. Richard Dwyer Ice Follies favorite for 30 years skating as "Mr. Debonair".

105. Camellia Hudson Ice Capades 1975 - 1976.

106. Adele Woods Looks to me like some PhotoShop editing went on here. Looks good though.

107. Monty Hoyt From 1963.

108. Montan? & ??? Holiday on Ice 1963 - 1964.

109. Montan? & ??? Holiday on Ice.

110. Michele Monnier Holiday on Ice International 1966 - 1967.

111. Somebody's Baby ??? This cute little girl has been identified as Tasha Allen, by Linda Adams Garl. Tasha was 19 months at the time and is the daughter of Juanita Percelly Allen and Tommy Allen. They skated with Holiday on Ice and the photo was taken about 1978 or 1979. Thanks Linda for the update.

Here is an update from Tasha's father, Tommy Allen.

I just found the picture of Tasha Allen and would like to thank you for including her in your historical pictures. That Picture was taken while we were filming the Ed Sullivan show in Louisville, KY in 1969 and Tasha was about 18 or 19 months old.  You had just made her the pair of boots she is wearing and probably wearing them for the first time.  They were beautiful beige and helped extend her leg length in those years, which at her age were not long and beautiful.  She did skate for awhile but decided that it was not for her. She grew up to be very pretty and eventually worked in the movie business where she met her husband Joe Guerino.  They have presented Juanita and I with two beautiful grandchildren Gianna and Nicholas of which we are so proud of.  Juanita lives in Brentwood Ca. and works on Rodeo Drive for Fendi an Italian clothier.  I live in Phoenix, AZ and still teach skating.  I love teaching and have been doing it since I left the Holiday on Ice tour in 1972, having been lucky enough to have had several National and International competitors and medallists in both national and international competitions.   I want to thank Linda Adams for identifying Tasha and tell you I work with the other half of the Linda’s, Linda Sowell Stabler.  Thanks again for the photo and the many memories of those wonderful years that Juanita and I spent with Holiday on Ice, and for all the pairs of great Harlick boots we both wore during those years.  We still have the pair of boots you made for Tasha and they still look good.
Sincerely, Tommy Allen       

Photo from Courier-Journal and Louisville Times.

112. Jane Moody

113. Charlene Mc Laren Ice Capades International 1968. Charlene McLaren, brilliant newcomer this season, makes her professional debut in the surprisingly different Ice Capades, America's #1 Family Show.

114. Rick Inglesi European Holiday on Ice 1977.

115. Skippy Baxter and Lisa Gonsalves Lisa is 5 years old in this picture.

116. Patty Montaigne

117. Michelle Ford and Glenn Patterson

118. JoAnn Mc Gowan

121. Bob Hubbard Ice Capades 1967 - Ice Capades International. Daring Bob Hubbard puts on an exhibition of skill and speed with his death-defying leaps through fire hoops and over obstacles in the all new 26th Edition of Ice Capades, America's #1 Family Show.

122. Doug Austin Ice Capades 1964 - A Salute to Cole Porter. One of the numbers he starred in along with Cathy Machado and Phil Romayne and Cathy Steele. Doug was with both companies of Ice Capades for o total of 13 years.

123. Program Cover & Stars of the Show These are excerpts from the Berkeley Festival Association presents "Pop Concerts and Ice Ballet" from Berkeley Ice Land 1944. Submitted by Lois Hollenbeck (Lois Walker). She also adds,

Dear Friends,
While browsing your web site, I recognized some names and pictures and nostalgia misted up my glasses so I could hardly see. It was a long time ago and I have very little left of those wonderful old days, when skating was the only thing in the world and our greatest fear was that we might get polio and become paralyzed. The war, the blackouts, flunking geometry, even boys, all meant nothing. Next to polio, the worst nightmare was walking the mile down to the ice rink, only to find out that you had forgotten your skating tights. By the time you walked back to get them, the session would be over.

I have managed to save one or two of the programs from the Berkeley Festival's Pop Concerts and Ice Ballet series at Berkeley Iceland in the 1940's and I've scanned one or two pages for you to see. I wish all our children and grandchildren could have seen these shows. I don't think there has been anything like them since. The symphony was on a raised dais at the back end of the rink. A wooden floor was laid on the ice in front of it for the San Francisco Opera Ballet and we skated on what was left of the ice. A different show every week! Life was just one solid rehearsal. What Heaven!! We did excerpts from Swan Lake, Coppelia, Peter and the Wolf, Nutcracker and many, many other great pieces of music. Some classic and some modern. I especially remember Stravinsky's Fire Bird because we had to hold up the 3ft. or 4ft. pieces of wood that held the many layers of scalloped bird wings. I'm not sure how we managed to live through THAT one. The costumes were painted with luminous paint that glowed when they dimmed the house lights and turned the 'black lights' on. I think it was the first experiment with black light. We were really skating blindly. We did another number to Ravel's Bolero. I think that was the one that we had to count a lot of bars of music before moving. I can remember counting, 1 da da da dum dum 2 da da da dum dum and so on. It was quite a hit I think.
I was usually just one of the girls in the chorus line, but occasionally I got a solo part. Usually something that had to be done in a fright wig and that no one else wanted to do, like the golly-wog in Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee, or the limp and floppy jack-in-the-box. I secretly yearned to be the Sugar Plum Fairy, but it really didn't matter too much, I'd have done anything just so I could skate.

I have sent the front page of the 1944 program in an attachment, because I couldn't figure out how to do it any other way. If it takes too long to down load, let me know, before I send anything else.

I will send you another page from this same program in a second e-mail, with pictures of some of the skaters from the Bay Area. Anna-Marie Regalia is one of them. She skated in those shows with us (natives of Iceland, Berkeley and members of the St. Moritz ISC *G*) but she was from somewhere else. Possibly San Francisco, but maybe down south in LA. I know we were very territorial in our teens and, shame on us, we didn't always treat out-of-towners kindly. I remember one particular incident, when a bunch of us lined up with our elbows on the rail, willing some poor girl from another club to fail a test she was taking in that corner of the rink. I think she passed anyway, but it does say something about man's inhumanity to man, doesn't it?

You will notice the picture of Barbara Uhl, sister of Helen, of whom you already have a picture in your archive. They didn't look anything alike, Helen with dark hair and Barbara very red-haired. I believe they were from San Francisco. The Skate and Ski Club was at Sutro then. Lois Hartzel was an opera singer. These were truly Pop Concerts.

If you're interested, I would be happy to send the rest of the pages from this program. There is one that describes the show and how it was conceived. Perhaps it would inspire someone to do it again. I'm 74 now, and I didn't think there was anyone left who cared any more. I have enjoyed browsing through the pictures you have already assembled. I wonder where they all are today and where they've been. Thanks for the memories.
Lois Hollenbeck (Lois Walker, then)  

124. Judy Stasenka 1 and Judy Stasenka 2 Judy skated with Holiday on Ice in 1958/59 and her name at that time was Judy Rudolph. She is married now and works with the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska in the Engineering Department as an Administrative Assistant and News Editor and also teaches ice skating at the local rink.

125. Marilyn Ruth Take Autographed photo of Marilyn Ruth Take. This photo is from the Winnipeg Winter Club Carnival of 1947 Programme. 

126. Holiday on Ice of 1959 - photo taken 10-22-58 in Columbus, Ohio

127. The "Laughing Russians" was from the 1960 HOI show, taken in Greenville, SC. We weren't supposed to even smile in that number, and one of the girls had just sneezed loudly, so we were all trying to stifle our laughter. Left to Right: Angie, Jean, (I've forgotten their last names!), me with my spear out of line, Patsy Coy, and Pat Cernac.


More to come as time permits.
Let us know if you enjoy this bit of photographic history.

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