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Send us your favorite skating photo and we will add you to our collection. Clubs, teams, individuals, even pictures of your rink. Let's see how big a collection we can make. You don't have to wear Harlick Boots. It's just for fun.

Chris Freeman and the flame skates

David Allen One | Two | Three

Kacy Keroher

Bill Blackburn, Joan Chanel, and Richard Dwyer love their Harlicks!

Melissa Cheat wood aka "Ice Princess" - Special Olympics Skater Level 3 also see

Tom Bartlett and his skaters in Hawaii, 2000

For those of you going to Pensacola, Florida for the US Roller Skating Championships and JO Roller Nationals, here are a few pictures of the beach. Photo1, Photo 2, Photo 3, and Photo 4.

Mariclair Vaillant at the 2001 US Ice Nationals in Boston

Dorcas and Ernie Ruppert at Redwood Ice Lodge, California, in 1984 ages 52 and 56.

Laura Du-Tre Age 6, Skating since 1 1/2 under coach Heidi De Jaeghere. She will be competing in the

Belgian Championships this October, 2001.

Walter Schoenau On the awards podium.

Susan Huffstutler I just love looking through the scrapbook on your web page. I started taking lessons 1 year ago this month and I absolutely love it! In may I entered a local competition and came in first in Adult Basic 3-4 Compulsory Moves. My husband took this photo during the warm-up. I'm not too sure if the quality is good enough for the web since he took it through the hockey guard, but I think it captures the sense of joy I get from skating.
-- I think it looks great Susan. Thanks for the submission.

Jamie Edens was able to recover from an injury in time to compete at the US Roller Skating J.O. Nationals. Jamie 1 and Jamie 2

Jamie Edens Most recent pictures lala1, lala2, lala3, lala4, lala5

Erica Gatmaitan Pictures of her visit to the Harlick factory in San Carlos, CA.

Lady Sylvia, the Chester Skatecat ays, "Quit pussyfootin around and say cheese". She loves her new Harlick's!! "It's like sinking your feet into a pair of marshmallows!! Great for post traumatic ankle injuries!!"

Pasha's 'famous' lilac boots by Harlick and second Olympic Gold Medal winning 'Memorial Requiem' outfit on display with a continuous loop tape of the performance at the USFSA's World Hall of Fame and Museum in Colorado Springs, CO.

Fay Brindle Passes her Gold Medal Test.

Neil and Sara Rubin's 2001 Junior National  Team (Annemarie Basil and Mary Ayers)

Mary Ayers and Annemarie Basil 2001 North Atlantic Juvenile and Intermediate Ladies Silver Medalist.

Charlotte Hester of the UK with her new Harlick's. Thanks Kev at Top Skate.

Melinda Edens and Ann Michelena (left) and Jamie and Melinda Edens (right) from Hammer Skate in Stockton, CA.

Jamie Edens Jamie Edens Photo 1, Photo 2 and Photo 3. Taken May, 2001.

Joan Kurzenberger (now Joan Hiner)The photo was taken at the Topanga Ice Rink (Ice Capades Chalet) at one of their shows in the early 70's. I was formerly in Holiday on Ice (1963 I think) and taught skating for many years. Now I am skating for fun in Los Angeles. I'm attaching a recent photo, wearing my NEW Harlick boots !

Joy Siu

Jenny Erica and her coach Elain Zayak at the 2001 US Ice Nationals in Boston

Tara Lipinski and Mike Cunningham

Patty Guzman from California.

Toquji Oyama from Japan with some of the Harlick staff. L to R, Sophie, Dan, Ginger, Phil, Sam, and Toquji.

Bobbie Larkin and friends from Pensacola, FL.

Susan Jennifer Jensen-Alsaidi Also known as "Purple Susan" Sky Rink, NY.

More Purple Susan, Another Purple Susan, and The last Purple Susan

Jamie Edens and friends Jamie is in red and her friend Christina Bobian is in blue. October, 2000.

Jamie Edens Third place at the Roseville, CA meet. October, 2000.

Christina Derry Christina Derry Takes Silver Medal at U.S. Roller Skating J.O. Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska

McKenzie Oliver of the Sacrament, CA area and a Team Solano Jr. skater

Holly Bolding of North Carolina at the 1999 Nationals in Syracuse, NY.

Holly Bolding of North Carolina at the 2000 southeast regional championships in Greensboro, SC.
Holly Bolding of North Carolina at the 1999 regional championships in Greensboro, SC.

Leslie Olson and Ginger Kuhn At Lake Arrowhead, Ice Castle International Training Center. November 1999

Sandy and Charles Fetter Sun Valley, Idaho. 2000.

Dante's Angels Dante of Dante Cozzi Sports with Ellyn, Irene and Bonnie. Bellmore, NY.

Chiho Morita and her mother Hiromi Lucia Morita of Japan, at the International Training Center in Lake Arrowhead, California.

Lynwood Skate Center Here is a group shot of some of the skaters from the Lynwood Skate Center at the 2000 U.S. Roller Skating Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Maria Koprowski of New York, competes in the Sophomore Ladies Singles at the 2000 U.S. Roller Skating Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Joe Nash and Alison competed in the World Class Dance together as well as several other individual events.

Kyle Turley with his coach Kerry Hefner and Phil Kuhn. Kyle won 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals at the 2000 U.S. Roller Skating Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kyle Turley with Phil Kuhn at the 2000 U.S. Roller Skating Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kyle won 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals.

Heather Martin We don't want to necessarily encourage the art of tattoo's, but we can't ignore Heather's commitment and loyalty to her Harlick skating boots. Here is a close-up. Check out the logo on the boot's heel.

Lynne Chappell and Will June 2000. I have a attached a photo of my Dance partner, Will and I for your scrap book. We're adult skaters from Alexandra Palace in the UK and are coached by Vincent and Shirelle Kyle. The picture is our 'Old Mans' Death Spiral from our Free Dance!

Shawn & Jamie August 1999 - These are my kids, Shawn & Jamie. Here is a photo taken last year just before Regionals. They made it to Nationals in Syracuse, NY skating 1-A pairs!

Jamie Edens May 5, 2000.

Jamie and Melinda Edens May, 2000. Here is a picture for the new scrapbook. It is of my daughter Jamie and me, taken in Clovis earlier this month at our Regional Qualifier. We skate out of Hammer Skate in Stockton, CA.

Jamie, Elizabeth, Danielle & Sarah 2000. Here are some of the girls from our rink; Jamie, Elizabeth, Danielle & Sarah. They were about to skate figures at the Clovis meet when I took this picture!

Tom Bartlett and his skaters in Hawaii, 2000

Kristina Jacobson Hawaii May 2000.

Nani Malama Hawaii May 2000.

Asia Nakakura Hawaii May 2000.

Alyssa Takatsuki Hawaii May 2000.

Cheryl Russell #1 Image #2 At Disney Ice, April '97.

Brendyn Hatfield From 1998.

Kathy Schmelz

Dorothy Ray 43k 1995 Adult National Champion.

The Crew at Skatetown Roseville, California 1999.

Shannon Hoyt 19k 12 years old in 1988.

Rachel Michelle Callan From 7-4-1999.

Kelly Kirk Special Olympics 1999.

Kelly and her friends Special Olympics 1999.

International Training Center at Lake Arrowhead, (image #2)

2000 US Nationals Inside the Gund Arena Cleveland, Ohio

Gund Arena Cleveland, Ohio

Mike Cunningham, John Muldoon From Skaters Paradise, Virginia at the 2000 US Nationals in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mary, Caprice and Brian Pickwick's The Skaters Edge, Burbank, California

The Skaters Edge at Pickwick Burbank, California

Total Sports in Reno Nevada

Jason and Danny of United Skates of America, California

Cottonwood Heights Recreational Center (image #2) Salt Lake City, Utah

Tack Anderson of Modry's and  Camarillo, California

SkateTown Roseville, California near Sacramento

John Harmata of Geppetto's at the Oak Lawn Ice Arena, Oak Lawn, Illinois.
At the Harlick Booth 2000 US Nationals Cleveland, Ohio

Lori Coates attached is a photo of my family and me... "back in the day" at Knott's Berry Farm. (I'm the short one trailing in the back of the line) :) Thanks for the (always spectacular) boots!!!

Jane Kirby Jane Kirby, Ice Cycles,1954 Number "OH-GOHOMA" Jane is from Ottawa, Canada and traveled with her mother. Dave Phelps

Chantal Fry-van Ruymbeke 01, fry02, fry03 Hello, My mom has informed me that my skates are ready! I have to say that it made my day. I did announce to my skating troop on Friday night that it was going to be the last official performance in Knebli boots and that next time I would have a shiny new pair of Harlick's.

Thankfully the show went very well and we were covered on the regional news that night. Last year I created a small skating troop of very innovative skaters and we make appearances on small ice surfaces in the south of France, winter and summer. Our specialty is producing exciting shows in a small amount of time and surprising the public with a spontaneous appearance, we attract pretty big crowds once we get going.

Last year I was chosen as the soloist at Le Lido de Paris, which is a beautiful cabaret on les Champs Elys?es in Paris. I also work with the Cirque du miroir in Montreal, this summer we produced a show for AT&T in a train station and this winter I will be working in The casino de Hull (Ottawa). I love to skate and having the opportunity to do these great shows is just amazing, especially since it is really a part time passion, my true devotion is to my four year old twins whom gladly follow me around on these adventures!

So thank you for your professionalism and I hope that the boots will work out for me like they have for so many others. I am attaching a few pictures so that you can put a face to the boots.
Best Regards,
Chantal Fry-van Ruymbeke