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These are the instructions found on the Harlick measuring form.

  1. Trace outline of right and left foot (in relaxed sitting position with foot flat on paper) in space provided on the back of this chart. Keep pencil in an upright, or vertical position (see fig. 1) with pencil snug against foot. (USE #2 PENCIL ONLY)
  2. Then before the foot is moved from the first tracing position, take a second tracing from the inside ankle bone, around the toes to the outside ankle bone (see fig.2) with the skater in a standing position.
  3. Take circumference measurements in a sitting, non-weight bearing position, with foot flat on floor. Record measurements in area provided on back. Sample photos of tape positions.
  4. Place tape measure in the exact positions indicated in diagram (see fig. 3 on back). Keep tape sung, not tight.
    * Ankle measurements should be taken just above ankle bones.
    * Take measurements over what you normally would wear skating.
    * Ball measurement is around the ball joint at the big toe, and around the joint behind the little toe.
  5. In taking measurements for the top of the boots, measure from the bottom of floor to height desired (inside of leg). At this height give circumference measurement for top.

NOTE: Ladies boots are usually about 5" high, and men's boots are about 6" high. Boots are slightly higher in front at top.

PHOTOS ARE HEALPFUL Front view, back view, top view, and each side of each foot. Photos should be taken in bare feet while standing.