Stock Boot Sizing Instructions

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First follow the directions for tracing the foot and the ball measurement. When you have done that, use the chart below to calculate the size. Remember to only use a regular #2 Pencil to draw the outline.

Step #1
Using a regular #2 pencil, trace an outline of both feet (in relaxed sitting position). Keep pencil in upright or vertical position, snug against foot.

Step #2
Measure tip of toe to center of heel (the longest part of the tracing) in inches. Locate that measurement on conversion chart. That will give you the length of the boot.

Step #3
Measure circumference of the ball of the foot in inches and locate that measurement according to the length of boot size. Follow the column up and that will tell you the width.


If this foot tracing measured 9 1/8" in length with a ball measurement of 8 3/8", the size for a woman would be 5 1/2 B and a men's size would be a 4 1/2 B.

Tracing Diagram